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The development, application fields and slow rebound molding process of molding


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1. Molding slow rebound development


Molded slow resilience is different from other ordinary sponges and high resilience sponges. They are usually called inert sponges, memory foams, low rebound or zero pressure sponges. When they are deformed by external force, they will not rebound immediately but will be delayed for a few seconds. Slowly restore to the shape before being pressed.


The main reason is that due to its special particle structure, honeycomb structure, the dense cell wall under the microscope can contain air, and only tiny holes communicate with the outside or neighboring cells. Therefore, when the external force is compressed, the speed of air entering and leaving the cell is blocked and the recovery is delayed. It reflects the special physical properties of slow rebound sponge.

2. The leading application of slow rebound molding

Automobile-headrest, lumbar support, cushion, etc.

Household items-pillows, cushions, pillows, mattresses, etc.

Others-toys, crafts, etc.


2. Slow rebound molding process

Slow rebound molding process

1. Ingredients


2. Check the equipment and measure the flow rate: start up, clean the filter screens of A and B material, nozzle AB of the machine head, stirrer, belt, and measure the flow of material A and B (first A and then B)


3. Set the injection parameters according to the product weight, adjust the ratio of A and B: set the injection time, the number of A material does not move, adjust the number of B material to control the product soft and hard.

4. The details that the new factory needs to pay attention to: there is liquid in the raw material tank of the new equipment, which needs to be cleaned up, whether the A and B material pumps are operating normally, and whether the machine head is normal