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Application of colorful polyurethane and colorant


According to the chemical composition, the colorants used in polyurethane are inorganic colorants and organic colorants. Each can be divided into two kinds: pigment and dye. Generally speaking, the dye and dye are different in coloring mode, and dyes can penetrate into the interior of the object for coloring, such as the fiber interior; And pigments can only act on the surface of objects. Pigments and dyes have all kinds of colors.

According to polyurethane products, different polyurethane products are different in use and color. Among them, the colorant is widely used in synthetic leather, which is the most used amount of colorant in polyurethane products. In 2019, the consumption of color additive for synthetic leather is close to 200000 tons, which exceeds half of the total consumption of polyurethane industry.

The next is polyurethane sole industry. China is a big country in the world, with thousands of sole manufacturers. Compared with other materials sole, polyurethane sole has many advantages such as light, wear-resistant, soft texture and anti slip. The sole is usually black, white, gray, brown. The consumption of colorants in 2019 is 8000 tons.

Polyurethane soft foam is used in home, cushion and other fields. Soft bubble coloring, in addition to making the product have color, can also distinguish the density, flame retardant, quality grade of soft bubble. It is very convenient to use and also conducive to product standardization. In 2019, 12000 tons of color additive will be consumed for soft bubble products.

Polyurethane elastomers are TPU, MPU and CPU. Among them, the color additive is widely used in TPU, and MPU and CPU are rarely used. TPU wheel, gasket, wire and cable sheath are common, all kinds of colors. In 2019, polyurethane elastomers consume 300 tons of colorants.

The production of polyurethane hard foam is very large, but the hard foam is mainly used in the field of heat preservation and used in the inner cavity of the product. Therefore, the proportion of color additive used in the hard foam is very low.

Polyurethane coating has primer, finish coat and varnish according to different functions. Primer and finish do not need color, but finish paint needs rich and colorful colors. Accordingly, the colorants used in the finish paint are also very rich, including inorganic colorants, organic colorants and other systems. In 2019, 4500 tons of colorants will be consumed for polyurethane coatings.

With the basic colorant, any other color can be obtained by mixing the basic colorant. In the rich and colorful colorants, people are still continuing to research and develop new products. The new colorant will be more efficient, cheaper, healthier and more environmentally friendly.